Repair Trailer Surge Brakes

Bleed the brake system if you fail completely stop or works intermittently. Fill the brake motor with brake fluid. Connect a hose from the hose nipple bleeding and push the other end into a container filled with brake fluid. Using a screwdriver, open the bleed screw. Run a utility for slippage in the clutch is mounted on the front of the trailer. To see air bubbles in the tube out from the trap in the brake fluid Cup. Use the screwdriver to the screw Plug and vent will relieve the tension bolt. Repeat several times until the air vent pipe. Fill brake reservoir. Repeat this procedure for each tank trailer brakes. Expert response: there are two ways you can bleed a trailer braking. Titanium offers the following instructions, which I linked to bleeding the brakes: remove the CAP and fill the tank Hauptbremszylinder three-quarter with DOT 3 brake fluid. Don't have any contact with brake fluid will damage the finish of painted surfaces. Immediately clean spills and wash the body with water. You want to delete the system, a wizard simplifies the work. Disconnect the trailer and tractor fasten safety chains (not the gifts of the actuator cable) for a form of loop. The cycle must be centered in the actuator system. Place a cardboard as a 2 x 4 repair trailer surge brakes in the security chain under the coupling loop. The Board of directors should be four feet long or more, your car will go further. Put the edge towards the front end of the drive coupling pressed and use it in case of hooks in the outer covering of the actuators of the force. This pump the brake fluid for braking system of the trailer. Pull the new coupler fully extended position and repeat the operation manually. When bubbling stops within the air of the brake master cylinder, install a drain tube on the first wheel cylinder Screw Gate be bled. Start with the rear axle in the axle and tandem axle trailer. Submerge the other end of the hose into a container glass brake fluid air bubbles can be seen. Open the bleed screw one turn before pressing the case of the mesh. If the clutch is fully depressed, the bleed screw has to be closed, so the air in the system are collected. The trapped air in the brake lines significantly reduces the effectiveness of the braking system. Repeat this process until you no longer blows with each shot published. Be sure to close the bleed screw. Repeat the cleaning in each wheel cylinder. Whereas you restore clean up the brake fluid if the level falls below the half full level in the brake master cylinder reservoir. If the bleeding is complete, fill the tank up to 3/8 inches tall. Install the safety Cap. There are also types of vacuum systems that could be used, but to do it manually, which makes most people. I've included a link to a video, that should help. Reply from experts: Michael H.