Repair Surge Brakes

Expert response: check that the brake can be adjusted in two ways. The easiest way is to lift one side of the trailer, and while someone swell is spinning brake of the mouse on the wheel of hitch. The best way would be, remove the wheels and brake drums and activate the brakes, causing the cylinders of the wheels and the brakes work properly. After that is the first thing you would do, bleed the brakes with the wave of hoof to force the fluid in the brake lines, ensuring that there is air in the system. If you have air in the brake system not and seems to be the problem. The rear brakes are starting to bleed over the axle and wheel, the t in the Bremsleitung to another. Open the valve and connect a hose, which will be held in a transparent bottle. Fill the master cylinder with brake fluid and then activate the brakes of the trailer until the fluid flows without air bubbles. The model can repair surge brakes be a lever or a place under the mesh, you have to activate the brakes with a wrench. If the disk is another option, you must manually move the mesh, where attacks the ball to bleed the brakes to activate. Once you see that the first brakes bled another brake on this axis and forward then always start with the line nearest brake has brake t. When bleeding the brakes then you will know who is in charge of the master cylinder and there is air in the system, causing the situation. Then, check the sets for wheel cylinders and brake problems. Perhaps it is easier to replace if the brakes are only again the problem entirely. brake marine 10 inch, you should point # and # 18788 18787, brake and Marino of 12 inches is required item # and # 23511 23510. competent response: Bob g. .